"Professionals are rare in the personal training world. Thomas Phillips is one of them."


Pavel Tsatsouline is a best selling author of dozens of books and videos and one of the most respected gurus in the fitness industry.


"Thomas Phillips is one of the most progressive and well rounded strength coaches in the business. His vast knowledge of many training systems and protocols make him one of the best in the business."


Steve Maxwell is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion, published strength coach, joint mobility master, and owner of Maxercise in Philadelphia.



"In getting to know Thomas and his staff, I am pleased to say that they "get it." While this may seem minor, it is perhaps the best compliment I can give to a fellow practitioner. Where doctors, therapists, and trainers have such a poor grasp of what it is truly important and effective in rehabbing and training individuals, those that "get it" are few and far between. Thomas "gets it," and the results he achieves with his clients clearly demonstrate this.


Charlie Weingroff is the Doctor of Physical Therapy and the former Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA.



"Thomas Phillips is an exceptional trainer. If you want to know how to do a lift, Thomas will tell you how, right after he shows you the right way to do it. There's a reason why he is a successful trainer. His clients get the results they want!" 

Steve Cotter is a Kung Fu world champion, highly ranked in the sport of kettlebell lifting, and gives kettlebell clinics all around the world. 


"One of the many reasons why Thomas Phillips is a great trainer is the fact that he is a great student. He is always hungry for more information to improve his own training and his clients. In addition to his contagious enthusiam and competitive drive, Tom gets even more excited about getting results for others. I recommend his services highly and you will too."


Mike Mahler is a world reknown strength coach know for his Seminars, DVDs, and articles written for publications such as Muscle & Fitness.



"Thomas is one of the top quality trainers available today. He is driven to accomplish his client's goals and motivates others to achieve to their highest potential. Do yourself a favor and see Thomas so you can get started in achieving your goals."


Brett Jones is an Master RKC, an ironmind certified red nail bender, and and formerly one of the featured trainers on NBC's "The Biggest Loser"



"Thomas Phillips is an inspiration, with a booming business, a beautiful family, and a top notch fitness facility. Most of all, Tom "Walks the walk"! Tom is always striving to set the example of a healthy lifestyle for his clients, his friends, his trainers and other professionals in his arena. Simply being around Tom is enough to get your motivation and energy levels up a few notches. I am proud to be a friend and colleague of Tom and I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to work with Tom to do so ASAP!


Zach Evan-Esh is the creator of various books and DVDs, and owner of the Underground Strength Gym in NJ.



Client Testimonials


I've trained at Fit for Life for almost two years. The level of attention I receive is unparalleled, that's why I've trained with them so consistently, I never miss a session. At 46, I understand the work that's involved just to stay in shape. With the Fit for Life system, I've exceeded my expectations and reestablish new goals on a regular basis. The trainers treat me like a friend, I never feel like a "client." The staff is unbelievably knowledgeable, caring and motivating. I never feel inadequate or embarrassed; on the contrary I always leave feeling accomplished. They are honest, caring and hard working people. I initially came to Fit for Life to improve my physical fitness, what I received was a life transformation.


Dr. Nick Despotidis

Marlboro, NJ



At 51, I found myself unhealthy, weak, and tired with no energy. I had three major trips to the hospital in less than 5 months. I found Steve in June of 2008. I needed to do something to change my physical condition. During Steve's initial assessment, I couldn't do a single one of the simple moves he asked for. The movements Steve had me do did not look like any training routine, but it was physically taxing for me. He's intuitive and has an amazing ability to develop unusual routines that look simple but can make me sweat just trying to execute. He created strange repetitive movements that slowly reprogrammed and unraveled my dysfunctional body. He has rewired my body from the inside out.

Steve has helped me reprogram my body. I am healthy and strong, and getting stronger everyday. I wake up every morning, and feel good from the inside out. A feeling you can not explain to anyone else. You don't know how good you can feel or how bad you felt until you begin to feel better. As Steve recently said, I am no longer delicate.


Jayne Richardson

Red Bank, NJ



I have been teaching the martial arts for over 20 years and have trained with many people. It is not often that you meet a trainer who not only has a passion for fitness but a passion for people. Tom is just that person. He walks his talk and is a living example of his program and training philosophy. If you are serious about achieving results, whether you are an athlete looking to improve your game or if you are just looking to improve your level of fitness Tom has both the knowledge and desire to get you there.


Bryan Klein


United Taekwondo Academies

Marlboro, NJ



I can honestly say I look forward to my training session all day. Of course the workout is always very challenging, but the consistent euphoric feeling I get afterward is almost addictive! No matter how stressed I may be during the day, I always feel improved afterwards. Perhaps the most important point to make would be that as a sports medicine physician, I am aware of the harm that can be caused by inappropriate exercise. Thomas Phillips and his staff have extraordinary knowledge of appropriate safe exercise while also providing an extremely challenging workout. I feel safe sending my patients to him, which says a lot!


Dr. Carol Eisenberg

Medical Director

Garden State

Spine & Pain Institute



I have had the benefit of training with Matt for over five years. I have been impressed by Matt's commitment to self-improvement and his passion for seeking out new challenges and techniques. From strength training, to cardio workouts, to nutrition Matt has continued to change up and advise my routine to benefit me greatly. I have also had my two teenage sons work out with Matt and they too have had great results!


Matt knows his clients thoroughly and brings his vast expertise into a tailored and personalized "laser-beam" approach that brings results. The beauty of Matt's approach is that he works me so effectively where I'm at now, and has a vision of where I need to go! He is always encouraging yet always challenging; uniquely and patiently bringing me personal change for the better! Matt is an excellent trainer and and even better person!


Jim Tortorici

Tinton Falls, NJ



As a former strength, conditioning, and boxing coach and a self-employed chiropractor of 25 years, I have had the opportunity of attending a multitute of seminars and hands-on training programs with some of the top educators in the country, but few have impressed me as Tom has. His combination of knowledge, teaching skills, and confidence will unquestionably lead him to the top of his profession.


Bob Spina


Maywood, NJ



I have been physically active for all of my life; and during the past 15 years I have trained as a triathlete. A few years ago I began to have problems with my back; not only soreness but also tingling and numbness down the leg. In search of answers I saw many different doctors. I went through MRI's, nerve tests, and many different medicines. At most, I found temporary relief IF I kept my physical activity to a minimum. Constant pain and numbness became my way of life. I found it hard to believe that I could not train any more and I had to live with these limitations; and still feel poorly.


In searching for answers, I found my way to your practice. I don't know what you do or how you do it: I only know that I am now pain free, and when occasional discomfort comes back--you manage to fix it! I continue to train one time a week, and I am very grateful that I feel well and I am able to work out. Thanks again for all of the help you have given to me.


Thank you,

Thomas Batista



I just turned 50 in December and I feel better and stronger now than I have ever felt. I would have never imaged that I could squat over 300lbs. I owe all this to Tom, and my wife of course for introducing me to him. We have been going to Tom for over 2 years now. Tom's approach to training effects not only the body but the mind as well as diet. Tom tailors each work-out to your specific needs and limitations, always challenging you to be the very best, the work-outs are intense, no b/s. That why he gets results. Tom, thanks for helping me and Kathy as well, and most importantly for being a FRIEND.


Phil D'Ambrisi

Marlboro, NJ



Matt is an outstanding trainer. I have been training with Matt for over 5 years and he continues to make the workouts diversified, challenging and interesting. I am over 60 and am in the best shape of my life. Matt is extremely conscientious and always studying new techniques. He pays utmost attention to form, to avoid injuries, and adapts the sessions to each individuals needs. It is a pleasure training with him.


Chip Harter

Sea Girt, NJ



I started working with Tom four months after having my second child and returning to my full time career. I was always physically active but after gaining 50 pounds with each pregnancy, suffering knee and hip pain and managing a challenging career, I was in need of some help. I was shocked by Tom's willingness to train me at very early and late hours. His dedication to his clients and their goals is unmatched. His personality and individual strength are an inspiration and certainly got me to 5:45 am sessions! In only five months, I was pre-pregnancy weight and leaner, stronger and healthier with the ability to take on my two babies and have all the energy I needed to succeed in my work. I've never spent a cent so worthwhile. Tom is priceless! My husband, my kids and I thank him!


Karyn Lollin

Monroe Township, NJ



I have been training with Matt since April 2010. I am amazed at how he helped transform my body in such a short time! Matt is truly a professional and a perfectionist. He takes great care in making sure form is correct, proper breathing, plus he is always around to answer any questions. Matt is a great guy and an amazing trainer. He has a passion for what he does, and it shows. All I can say is, Matt is simply the Best!


Tina Corrado

Colts Neck, NJ



I have been training with Stevefor 4 years now and at age 47 I am stronger, healthier and more flexible then I have ever been at any other point in my life. Steve has worked closely specifically training and enhancing my body's capabilities with an acute understanding of my areas of deficiency, weakness and injury. When I first met Steve I could not do a single pull up. Any core stability or flexibility was non existent in me. Having had back surgery in 95 as well as a job that has me traveling on planes and in cars, lifting heavy articles, bending and sitting more then a human should, I felt as tight and twisted as a braided pigtail every day of my life.


Steve began to work long and hard with me to achieve basic strength and flexibility back into my body and taught me how to work on correcting the pain and inflexibility. He helped me to regain basic functions necessary just to be able to do my job without feeling constant pain or stiffness in my lower back and hamstrings. His knowledge and education of the human body, Z Heath instruction and integral Functional Movement System and therapy is far and away superior to almost any other trainer anywhere. Steve's training methods and knowhow has not only enhanced my life but has saved my life, I truly believe that.


Lloyd Berger



I had reached the end of the line. I was frustrated with who I had become and depressed about my appearance. I was sluggish due to my weight and inactivity. I was quickly slipping into a mode of self-isolation. I knew I needed help. I contacted Tom, the owner of Fit For Life and the UTC, to see what help he could offer.


Tom’s answer came in a 150lb package of ripped muscle, mental toughness and incredible knowledge named Matt Maher. Matt has worked with me now for 4 months and continues to guide me every week. He has gotten me to a level where I regularly participating in Steve’s kettlebell classes. Matt has been instrumental in my participation of the UTC, which has changed my life. The information I’ve learned is important, but not nearly as critical as what I’ve learned about myself. I feel like I have recovered the person I once was, not only physically but much more important, spiritually. The journey continues and I’m anxious to continue to learn and improve!


I have many people to thank along the way including ALL the people in the UTC, especially the folks at Fit For Life. These people clearly love what they do, are experts in their field and all highly successful. I’ve been inspired by so many. I have committed to living my “A game.”


Rob Milke

Marlboro, NJ